Top 5 Recruiting Myths

Top 5 Recruiting Myths

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1. If I am good enough, college coaches will find me.

In most cases, not true. Can it happen? Sure, but a very small chance.  Why? College coaches face obstacles of time and money - not enough time in the day to scout all the players they need to and not enough money in their recruiting budget to accomplish it.  If they had more money in their budget, they still wouldn't have enough time to recruit the way the want to. 

2. My coach will find me a scholarship.

Could be true, but this is the #1 complaint we hear from families. While your coaches are certainly interested in your success and helping you achieve it, there are several things that may be standing in their way.  

  • Their list of college coach contacts isn’t very long
  • Their contacts may not have a scholarship to offer  
  • Time commitment to their current team
  • Families at home requiring their time  

Our program helps your coach help you. It is a winning combination for you.

3.) If you receive a letter from a college coach, you are being recruited.

100% not true! This just means you are in a database with thousands of other athletes.  College coaches acquire names and contact information for high school players from countless sources. They send thousands of letters. On the other hand, a phone call from a college coach is a very strong indicator that he/she has a high level of interest in you.

You know you are being recruited if:

  • Direct phone call from college coach
  • Personal handwritten note
  • Indirect phone call (i.e. to travel ball coach) – you are high on the coach’s list.

4.) You have to have a Professional highlight video.

Highlight video – YES, “Professional” highlight video – NO. A lot of videos are direct from smartphones.  Most college coaches have spent 1000's of hours evaluating players and watching film. They know what they want when they see it and can determine that ASAP.  Videos are very important, however, they don't have to be created professionally.  In addition, keep it under 3 minutes.

5. If I receive a scholarship offer, everything is included.

It could be, but most of the time is not true. Each scholarship offer is unique and different.  Many factors go into what a college coach can offer you.  

Types of money available (but not limited to):

  • Athletic money (except from Division III schools)
  • Academic money
  • Merit-based money from the college
  • Federal programs in your state
CollegePrep Tip

Be a myth-buster and don't become a victim to these myths that so many before you have.

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