Sports Trends & Facts

Sports Trends & Facts

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Playing Sports prior to College

  • In a survey of 296 NCAA Division I male and female athletes, UCLA researchers discovered that 88% played an average of two to three sports as children
  • Travel-team parents spend an average of $2,266 annually on their child's sports participation, and at the elite levels. Some families spend more than $20,000 per year

The Benefits of Playing Sports

  • High school athletes are more likely than non-athletes to attend college and get degrees
  • The benefits extend to the workplace. A survey of 400 female corporate executives found 94% played a sport and that 61% say that has contributed to their career success (EY Women Athletes Business Network/espnW, 2014)

College Sports & Scholarships

  • Divisions I and II schools provide $2.7 billion in athletics scholarships annually to more than 150,000 student-athletes
  • While the total college athletic-scholarship pool may exceed $3.3 billion, the Education Department notes that there are upward of $13 billion in academic scholarships on the table in any given year
  • Division III schools, with more than 180,000 student-athletes, do not offer athletically related financial aid, but 82% of all Division III student-athletes get some form of aid or academic scholarship
    • Those awards average $17,000 a year, which exceeds the average $14,270 and $15,162 in athletic scholarships offered to men and women, respectively, in Division I.
    • Division III historically has a higher academic success rate
  • Division I colleges are allowed to offer up to 206.9 men’s athletic scholarships and only up to 173.1 women’s athletic scholarships. Division II colleges are allowed to offer 155.89 men’s athletic scholarships and 193.59 women’s athletic scholarships.
  • Most unused female scholarships: golf, tennis

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