**Game Changer** – Academic Scholarships

**Game Changer** - Academic Scholarships

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The majority of all college offers that families receive are a combination of athletic and academic money. The goal for every athlete and family is to receive a “full ride”. A “full ride” is typically defined as a full athletic scholarship. However, most colleges don’t have full athletic scholarships to offer athletes so let’s take a look at how we get the bottom line reduced as much as possible. This can create a “full ride”, defined as college is paid for 100% from a variety of sources.  

How to Reduce Your Bottom Line

  • The higher your GPA/SAT/ACT - the more money you can receive
  • Add any Athletic Money and you are continuing to reduce your bottom line
  • Merit-based scholarships from the college – specific to the college
  • Scholarships – more money off the bottom line

List of Scholarship Sources

CollegePrep Tip

A “full ride” technically means your entire college is paid for. Due to most athletes not receiving a full ride from athletic money, focus on multiple sources (academic, merit-based, etc) to pay for your college.

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