The CollegePrep Proven Recruiting Formula

The CollegePrep Proven Recruiting Formula

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  1.    Be a Player
  2.    Kill it in the Classroom
  3.    Have Realistic Goals
  4.    Possess Great Character
  5.    Maximum Exposure - Early and Often

Be A Player

Your athletic ability is the #1 criteria for college coaches to evaluate you! There is no substitute for seeing you play live and no offer is coming without it.

Methods College Coaches Can See You Play – ranked in order
  • Competitive tournament/showcase
  • On their campus (camp, etc)
  • Your high school games
CollegePrep Tip

Highlight videos are a great way to give a coach a quick glimpse of your abilities. They can easily decide if they want to see more. Videos don’t need to be professionally created so don’t let that hold you up from making one. Your iPhone is fine.

Kill It In The Classroom

Very important for several reasons!

  • College coaches want to confirm you can get admitted to their school
  • Your academics determine how much “academic” $$$ the school can award you before they have to use their any of their athletic money. This is a big factor in determining how much you will pay for college.
CollegePrep Tip

MOST OFFERS WILL BE A COMBINATION OF ACADEMIC AND ATHLETIC MONEY.  The better your academics are = more money you receive.

EXAMPLE: A college you are interested in costs $30,000/year to attend.  Your grades are good enough to earn you $18,000. Now, the difference is $12,000 before any athletic money, academic scholarships, merit-based awards, many other types of scholarships offered by the college.

$30,000                 All in to attend that college per year

($18,000)               Your academic awards

($8,000)                  Athletic scholarship

$4,000                    Total your family are responsible for – NOT BAD, huh?

You are a student-athlete, not an athlete-student. There is no excuse for poor grades...get it done!

Realistic Goals

Your goals need to be attainable.  Setting realistic goals is one of the biggest keys to your success. If you are fishing in a lake for a shark, you will fail. If you are fishing in a lake for a bass, and with the right bait, your chances of success are much better. Work with your coaches and determine the college division that is the best place for you to start.

CollegePrep Tip

This is a very important piece of your recruiting success. Get with your Recruiting Team (coaches, counselors, etc) and determine the which level of collegiate play you qualify for and pursue those colleges.


College coaches want good locker room and dugout players. They don't want to babysit players and/or have high maintenance athletes on their teams. More often than not, college coaches will not make an offer to a more talented player if the athlete is perceived to be a constant distraction to the team.

Be a vocal leader, be a leader by example, give it 100% at all times.  Be respectful to your parents, coaches, and teammates.

CollegePrep Tip

Character is important for college athletic teams and all aspects of your life. 9 times out of 10, if a player gets released from a team, it is due to a character issue.

Maximize Exposure - Early and Often

You need to market yourself to college coaches. Do not wait for them to come to you or wait for your current coaches to do it for you. You will lose! YOU take control of your recruiting and be aggressive. If college coaches find you on their own, outside of your efforts, consider it a bonus. You need exposure early and often. Early means as early as you can get it, i.e. your Freshman year. Often means connect with coaches as much as you can. Go to CollegePrep 7-Step Plan.

CollegePrep Tip

You can be the best player and student in the world, but if a college coach doesn’t know who you are, it doesn’t matter. Get on their radar so they can follow you and recruit you.

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