Communication with College Coaches

Communication with College Coaches

5 minute read

Keep all communication going with all coaches until you commit. Make the coach think they are your #1 choice. The recruiting process is a shell game. College coaches are doing the same thing to most prospects – talking to 50 of them with only 1 spot open.  

  • The only way for you to level the playing field is do the same and talk to 50 coaches
  • Keep all your options open until you have something very solid and/or final
  • You never know what tomorrow will bring so keep all things open
  • Reasons to keep options open:
    • College coach gets fired or resigns
    • College coach finds another player better than you before you officially sign
CollegePrep Tip:

Play the game. But, first, you need to learn the game. 1. Generate dialog with college coaches, 2. Treat each college like they are the only college you are speaking with, 3. Keep the dialog going until you sign your Letter of Intent, and 4. Use the communication to leverage offers from other colleges.

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