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Athletic Tools

Showcase Your Recruitment Resume

Create Your Athletic Profile

CollegePrep developed this profile based on the information college coaches are looking for from athletes. A complete profile will give college coaches the insight they need to make an assessment of your overall athletic and academic ability.

A Network of Coaches at Your Fingertips

Directly Message College Coaches

Find colleges that fit your athletic ability, academic level, and geographical preference. You will be able to send your profile to coaches, track their views, and continue conversation back and forth.

A Step-By-Step Guide with LiveChat

Navigate the Recruiting Process

We have helped countless athletes and families, just like you, receive tens of millions of dollars plus in college scholarships. You will be able to take advantage of our expertise and experience along the way.

Get Recruited and a Scholarship!

Find Your College and Commit

The goal is to have multiple college scholarship offers at the end of this process so you can pick the best option for your future. CollegePrep can help you analyze the choices from a cost, academic, and culture perspective.

Academic Tools

Experience the Campus From Home

Virtual College Campus Tours

Our unique virtual college campus tours will provide you a first-hand glimpse of what the campus looks like before you plan a visit. It is also a great resource after you visit a campus if you need a refresher.

Acceptance, Enrollment, and SAT & ACT Avg's

College Admissions Requirements

From an academics angle, our site has acceptance rates, enrollment numbers, and average SAT & ACT scores. The NCAA refers to athletes as a student-athletes for a reason. Focus on your "Grades and Game!"

Student to Staff, Grad Rate, Demographics, etc.

College Faculty and Student Body

Our site has student to staff ratios, graduation rates, gender mix %'s, retention rate %'s, and demographics. Faculty and student body numbers should be a factor when searching for colleges and then making a decision to attend.

Tuition, Cost Calculator, and Earnings

College Costs & Avg Salary After

Our site has in-state and out-of-state tuition, in-state and out-of-state total costs, average salary after attending, and a net price calculator for getting super specific on costs. Cost is always a factor when attending college and CollegePrep has the tools to help you identify costs up front, therefore they are not a surprise later on!


Access to 1000's of scholarships

Apply For Scholarships You Never Knew Existed

Leverage our partnership with Cappex to look up and apply for scholarships online. Many non-sports scholarships go unclaimed each year. We help you access to apply for them.


Athlete-focused Features

Showcase Athletic Ability

Showcase your athletic ability in a precise fashion with our profile template and easily upload your highlight videos so potential coaches can see you in action and decide if they want to learn more about you.

Academic Path

Discover how much more money you can earn from a college before they dip into their athletic funds, based off how high your GPA and test scores are. This could mean the difference between having your college paid for completely or only partially.

Share Accolades/Achievements

Display your athletic and academic achievements. Focus on those important details that can separate you from the other athletes competing for that same potential scholarship.

Display Highlight Videos

Continuously create, edit, and upload your highlight videos to keep them current. Highlight video is the fastest way a college coach can evaluate your talent level and decide if he/she wants to learn more about you.

Correspond With College Coaches

Learn when, and how often to, communicate with college coaches. We give you access to over 44,000 coaches.

Modern Profile Security

Feel protected with your personal information through our 256 bit SSL encryption, which means your most important data is safe and secure on our site. We take your privacy very seriously.

Top Tier Support

Gain access to our professional college scouts who are available to answer all of your questions.

Always At Your Fingertips

Enjoy access to our program across all devices; designed to travel, our program keeps you connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Create your free profile and be entered in our weekly drawing to win a 1-year All-Star membership!