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If your dream is to play college basketball, you’ve taken a great first step.  Getting recruited to play college basketball is not easy, however, it is certainly achievable if you know how to navigate the college basketball recruiting process.  We teach you how to successfully do just that and realize your dream of playing collegiate basketball.

Academics are Critical

As you can see, there are more players on every roster than the total number of scholarships available which means not everyone on the roster is receiving a full basketball scholarship*.  In fact, very few, if any, receive a full basketball scholarship so there will be a deficit for the family to cover for college.  Academics can be a big factor here.  The higher your GPA and SAT and/or ACT, the more “academic” money you can receive from each college which decreases the amount you will owe out of pocket.  

*This refers to equivalency sports - see definition below

College basketball is both a headcount sport and an equivalency sport.  Division I for men and women are headcount sports.  Division II and below for both men and women are equivalency sports.

Headcount Sports vs Equivalency Sports

Headcount Sports -  These sports have a set number of scholarships to offer and they are all full offers.  This means if you receive an offer from one of these sports, it will be a full sports scholarship.  

  • Men’s Headcount Sports:  Football I-A (85 Total Scholarships), Basketball (13 Total Scholarships)
  • Women’s Headcount Sports:  Basketball (15), Gymnastics (12), Tennis (8), Volleyball (12)

Equivalency Sports - These sports have a set number of scholarships, however, each one can be divided and offered as partial scholarships.  For example, if a team has a total number of 12 scholarships, they can offer 24 athletes a ½ scholarship, 36 athletes a ⅓ scholarship, etc.

College Basketball Recruiting by the Numbers


  • NCAA Division 1 - 351 basketball programs - 13.0 scholarship limit
  • NCAA Division 2 - 313 basketball programs - 10.0 scholarship limit
  • NCAA Division 3 - 424 basketball programs - Academic Money Only
  • NAIA Division 1 - 101 basketball programs - 11.0 scholarship limit
  • NAIA Division 2 - 122 basketball programs - 6.0 scholarship limit
  • NJCAA - 430 basketball programs - 15.0 scholarship limit


  • NCAA Division 1 - 349 basketball programs - 15.0 scholarship limit
  • NCAA Division 2 - 314 basketball programs - 10.0 scholarship limit
  • NCAA Division 3 - 442 basketball programs - Academic Money Only
  • NAIA Division 1 - 102 basketball programs - 11.0 scholarship limit
  • NAIA Division 2 - 122 basketball programs - 6.0 scholarship limit
  • NJCAA - 398 basketball programs - 15.0 scholarship limit

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“My daughter played basketball at App State. The reason she played there was because of what we learned from CollegePrep…after tearing her ACL late in her junior year, she fell off the recruiting map…essentially the entire recruiting process was fast forwarded and made sense to our family...”

- Thomas T, Father of a female D1 Basketball Player

“…We weren’t sure how important getting his name out there to colleges would be but we quickly found out how invaluable the recruiting resume is…the communication from colleges started pouring in immediately. The only thing we ended up having to do was decide on which school was best suited for Austin…”

- Debbie R, Mother of a male D2 Football Player

“Our experience was A+++...have one regret. I wish we signed up earlier!! In fact, my younger daughter is a rower and is entering her freshman year…I will be signing her up in the Fall. We committed on Easter Sunday of her junior year, which is pretty early. My best endorsement is I am using them again.”

- Jim M, Father of a female D1 Golfer and D1 Rower

“…When we look back, if it wasn’t for you teaching us, Tulane wouldn’t have ever heard of Grant. Although Grant was offered 3 other full scholarships, Tulane was the best school. You taught us how to do everything and made it really easy for us….”

- Debbie F, Mother of a male D1 Basketball Player

“Jess verbally committed to NYACK today – she got a full offer and loved everything about the school – the area – the girls – so she got her wish and got to commit early and will sign in the early Spring...scholarship is worth about $34k/year…”

- Steve L, Father of a female D2 Basketball Player

“Words cannot begin to express how grateful we are to have had you teach us the recruiting process…The opportunity to come in contact with so many wonderful schools and coaches could not have happened without your program…”

- Shannon K, Mother of a male NAIA Golfer

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