“Don't just get recruited,
get prepared...for

- CollegePrep Athletics

Our Mission

To teach athletes and their families how to successfully navigate the college recruiting process and to achieve the satisfaction of having chosen the best school for their college careers.

Our Philosophy

CollegePrep Athletics was created by parents for parents interested in helping their children enjoy the best possible college athletic experience.

College coaches want to hear from athletes, not parents and not recruiting services. They want to get to know the "athlete" and the "student". We teach athletes and their families how to do this and all the other necessary things required to successfully navigate the college recruiting process. What we teach is not rocket science. We do, however, give you a roadmap and a simple plan to follow to get recruited. We are also alongside you for your ride and available not only as your teacher, but as your accountability partner. You need to be 100% intentional, proactive, and relentless about getting recruited and your actions need to follow. Once your "want to" reaches an all time high, nothing will be able to stand in your way.



“You have one chance in your life to get recruited. Make it count!”

 CollegePrep Athletics

“We teach you the right steps to take and show you how to make your hard work pay off.”

 CollegePrep Athletics

Who We Are

We at CollegePrep Athletics make the recruiting process simple, but not easy; there is a big difference!
  • We are all about teaching! We are a team of college recruiting experts who teach you the proper steps to enable you to play college athletics at the school that’s the best fit for you.
  • There is no magic button to push to get recruited, just our proven system that has generated tens of millions of dollars in college scholarships and financial aid.
  • We teach you to find the right college fit for you - athletically, academically, geographically, and financially.

The CollegePrep Team

Our team is a diverse group of former college athletes, former college coaches, parents of athletes, and others focused on teaching you how to successfully navigate the college recruiting process.

Join Our Team!

We are always hiring people that have a strong desire to help people.

Our success is, and always has been, based on the great people that are a part of our team. If you love to help people and have a passion for sports, reach out to us.